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TJ Fullmusic 6SN7 Data Sheet

6SN7 plate curves

Classification- It is a Twin triode. Dome-type bulb of glass, copper ceramic base with eight golden pins. Application -It intended for use a voltage amplifier or Phase inuerter. Dimensions -Dimensions, outline diagrams of the tube and bases, and the arrangement of electrode connections to the base terminals are shown in the below drawings.   Nominal… Read More

Tube Test and Curve Matching


Do you want a perfect matched-pair or a perfect matched-quad? Does your amp need tubes  within a certain bias arrange or plate current range? Get what you need. Check the test results and the curves before buying. Quote the tube number when you place an order. We will serve it for you but it’s first-come-first-serve. 300B… Read More

Catalog (resistors)


Kiwame Carbon Film ​These are an excellent match for Hi-End Audio. Kiwame resistors are from Japan and characterized by lower noise than metal film resistors and a more natural sound. There is a growing enthusiasm for these carbon film resistors because they recapture the vintage tube sound without the drift of carbon comps. They are… Read More

12″ tonearm (Opera T1288 )

12" tonearm Opera T1288

Specification: Mounting distance arm base  290mm Tonearm length  12’’ Overhang 16mm Offset 22 degree Cartridge weight 3-15g Down force range  10-35mN Armtube made of carbon-fibre carbon-fibre Note: Damping oil is optional to adjust the tastes of the tonearm. If you like to use damping oil, you need to source them (silicon oil or silicon gel)… Read More

User manual for Opera T1288 tonearm


Package contents The consonance T988/T1288 tonearm is delivered in specially designed packaging to ensure its safe transport. Please check the contents as shown in picture below and in the list at the bottom of this page: 1.Carbon fibre arm 2. Counterweight 3. Tonearm base 4. Tonearm lift 5. Headshell 6. Anti-skate weight 7. RCA connector… Read More

More about MediaTwist ® Cat6 Cable


DESIGN: Belden’s patented bonded pair technology has always been a cornerstone of stable electrical performance. With Media Twist, Belden taken pair technology a step further. Through Belden’s unique crescent shape design, each pair is “locked” into place. This ensures that pair-to-pair movement is greatly minimized during the installation process. This equates to stable crosstalk and… Read More